How can i get a physical copy?

  • Is there any way to purchase a physical copy of this game? I obviously already own the game on steam, and have purchased a few copies for friends as well. But i honestly love the game so much i just want to have a physical copy of the game with case… maybe whatever the box comes with etc… is there any way to get a physical copy? Or was that limited to kickstarter folks only? I’m really upset i didn’t know about the kickstarter but too late now. I just want to support this game and the dev team as much as possible, and i want like a memento for myself of what a great game that came out, and i feel like this is like a game that changes gaming as we know it. It’s such a well done and epic game, and I am having too much fun with it. So if anyone knows where i can get a physical copy (on the site it seems to just link to steam, gamestop, etc with download only) :(

    Either that or maybe get some other kind of chivalry swag, idk. I really want a copy of the game tho

  • Make a backup and burn it to a DVD. Buy a DVD case and print an image for the disc/case. Job done

  • There absolutely are physical copies available.

    I bought one for my bro for Christmas so I had something to wrap. Didn’t bother with the disk though, just put the steam key straight in heh.

    Got mine from Amazon UK.

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