Wierd longbow

  • Hi. I just watch some videos and i notice that the bow is shooting really strange is that the way it is going to shoot or would i change a bit over time?:)

    ps. i really think that this game is going to be awesome :D

  • Could you explain what you mean by weird?

  • Yah how so? dose the arrow drop to fast? is it the way the arrows are shot from the long bow? What is specifically weird? and yah This game is gona be Awesome! :D

  • i think its the way it shoot. like in age of chivalry it is completely diffrent from this game, the sound is also diffrent, maybe its just a thing you need to get use to, but not sure. what i think about the longbow ind this game is the sound and the arrow when it fly throug the air. :)

    hope that made any sense :D

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