Hilarious Duel Mode chase bonus bug

  • This is one of the funniest bugs I think I have found, I might be a newbie computer engineer student but this looks to me as a typical logical coding error.

    The problem:
    In Duel mode you sometimes your movement speed accelerate at random when near the middle of the arena.

    What I think make it happen:

    This is how I think duel mode works as it’s the easiest way to make it. You have one map for all the players to fight on, It’s just that you can only see and attack your opponent, But all the other players is there too, only you can’t see them.

    And here is the funny bit! The developers seems to have forgotten to add a bit of code that stops the chase bonus from activating when locking on to a player you are not dueling (one of the invisible players). So when you are near the middle of the map then you are more likely to lock on to a player you are not dueling and can not see. And therefore the chance of getting the speed boost is bigger near the middle of the map.

    With the constraints the developers have had with releasing this major content update with the duel mode I am impressed that there is so few bugs, so keep up the great work! I can only dream about how a nightmare it must have been to make the flail physics without making things break!

  • anyone?

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