Silly moments

  • I think I just came across the worst Chiv player ever.

    So I was playing on a duel server just earlier, and came across this knight with that whopping big bearded axe thing. He was running faster than a man at arms and swinging his axe at insane speeds, clearly a cheater. He rushed across a bridge towards me, flailing his axe about 10 meters before he got near me, and promptly ran straight into my Zweihänder’s overhead. Luckily for him, he’s not subject to the standard laws of this game, so he naturally doesn’t flinch (he missed me anyway). So, he begins his overhead swing and gets blocked, and he tries to surprise me by running in and out of my range at high speed.
    Aaaand he comes right back at me way too early, missing with 2 far too early lightning fast swings as he runs straight into my blade again. He clearly wasn’t using god mode.
    So, round 2 begins, starting off the same way. Again he runs straight into my blade.
    But then, a lightbulb appears over his head! He discovers that he has a second mouse button!
    “YES!” He thinks. “I can block his attack and then respond with a counter so fast it can’t be blocked!”
    And so, he blocks. He blocks an attack that never came. Indeed, as my sword went through his neck, he discovered a new technique.

    After the duel, he said, and I quote, “wtf”.

    So yeah, post silly things that happened to you.

  • I reported a guy for cheating in Chiv so he DDOSed my internet connection offline for 3 days. Time Warner was in the process of physically moving all their customer info servers that week, and could not help me during the EXACT THREE DAY PERIOD I NEEDED IT.

    I had some very lengthy exchanges with Steam support since I had screenshots of him admitting to/bragging about DDOSing me. They seemed to suggest that they had banned his Steam account but they can’t say that directly.

  • I was fighting a Vanguard in duel mode yesterday. He threw a smoke pot, we fought in the smoke, and I managed to kill him.
    I decided to pull a Dark Knight Rises and exclaimed “You think the darkness is your ally!?” Don’t think he got the joke, because his response was an angry retort about trying to kick me and how he could’ve killed me.

    In FFA, I saw two vanguards hiding in the bushes with their fists out. I ran up to join them, but they both jumped out and punched the crap out of me. I later saw them picking targets and overwhelming them with their fists.
    I don’t know why I found that so funny.

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