The game is broken !

  • This patch broke the game, it made Vanguards retardedly difficult to kill as a MAA , and after blocking a number of hits the MAA gets tired and is unable to block for 2 seconds.

    I actually had fun in this game and loved it right up to the point where you introduced DUEL mode and you showed us that there are only 2 viable classes that are OP right now : Vanguard and Knight.

  • Like I have said in many other threads, Man at Arms did not get nerfed. I don’t see where you are coming from, the only nerf MaA really took is the 1h feint, that is not even a problem, since you have alot more stamina to use now with the increased-regen.

    I have played a few hours in the duel mode, with around 130 wins out of 140 matches. MaA only ofc.

    Vanguards are alot easier to take down since the patch, the only feared weapon as a MaA was the Halberd, which is now literally useless against a MaA, you can interrupt every attack has it as a huge windup of 0.75s.

    In duels I utulize alot of kicks lately and it helps greatly, especially against knights and if you don’t know how to keep your distance you will definitely run low on stamina and you will experience what you just did, you are out of stamina and get hit.

    MaA is perfectly fine.

    Best Regards,

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