My experience so far with the update

  • Just some feedback and suggestions.
    Sever Browser:
    -Big improvement here, the Friend server listing actually works now :D.
    -Sometimes it wont display any server at all. (it was fine before the update).
    -I like how the text in the chat looks now, but its really hard to read, specially to differentiate from team,player or gamelog text, it way better using colored text
    -Duel Menu: im having a lot of issues trying to use it, sometimes after a duel, the cursor(hand) doesnt appear and have to wait for the auto “join pool”. The after-duel menu sometimes glitch out when calling the TAB duel menu.

    Modified fighting mechanics:
    -Blocking delay made shields pretty much useless now and im pretty sure there’s another modification on them but cant telll what is it, this delay also now underpower most heavy weapons and make small weapons like the dagger ridiculously reliable on this
    -Kicking: i instantly noticed the increased time in order to succesfully kick someone which would make it an awful option on close combat, but at the same time i noticed an increased range on the kick, and for some reason most of the time i use it against an attacking enemy i receive no damage. (swing seems to hit me during the kick animation, but nothing happens)
    -Swinging delay: This is probably what bothers me the most, but just because even between heavy weapons with similar damage, there is a big difference on this delay

    -The staff sucks, it’s actual range is way shorter than the feel on first person (and shorter than i personally think it should be) so it’s uncertain when you are actually going to hit something.
    -Op weapons: a lot more op weapons than before, specially the claymore and the falchion wich are extremely OP, and generally every “fast” heavy weapon because of the swinging and blocking delay i mentioned before.

    A lot of people is complaining about the MAA being useless now, but i differ, the MAA seems better than before. Im ok the way each class is balanced from each other (armor,health,speed,3rd weapon tier) so no real complains here.

    New maps:
    -Awesome maps! Im really enjoying all of them.
    -First objective of citadel is a bit hard for the attacking team, maybe easy if there is good teamwork, but having to do a lot of walking from spawn to the ballistas splits the team. I havent played it much so im not sure if its actually unfair for the attacking team.

    I dont consider the game broken at all, its a lot more fun now with Duels and CTF, but the big modifications on the mechanics are frustrating. We will probably get used to them anyways.

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