Input delay on chat

  • When you press the chat key, there’s a delay of probably about 200ms before the chat box actually accepts input. This causes me to constantly type out sentences missing their first letter in game. This is probably a problem for anyone who has a very high typing speed.

    I’ve never seen this in another game, please fix, it’s very annoying.

  • Can I get some feedback on this issue as it annoys the hell out of me, should be an easy fix, and has been ignored though I’ve brought it up over and over?

  • Seems fine to me.

  • @ReMixx:

    Seems fine to me.

    It’s not. You probably don’t type fast enough to notice it. I assure you this is an issue, I’ve never encountered it with another game. It especially happens with quick messages like if you just type “lol” because things like that tend to come out very quickly, you will miss the first letter.

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