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  • We are looking for a German / English speaking (whatever) server admin and a moderator For our own server .You should master the UDK server and config files.
    Who interested can contact me by e-mail: or via TeamSpeak 3:
    Thank you
    Greetings Mel

  • Location specification

    Carrier :

    Deutsche Telekom (2 independent channels, 2 different nodes)
    Level 3
    BT (British Telcom)
    COLT Telecom
    Cogent Communications


    To redundant backbone with 170 Gb / s external connectivity
    Access to all major carriers and exchange points (CIX, AMSIX, SwissIX, ECIX)
    Uplinks 1x servers to 10 Gigabit / s
    24/7 monitoring of the network through their own NOC


    Most Recent HP ProLiant DL120 G7 Server
    Own dedicated hardware, no virtualization
    Remote Management via iLO Advanced
    Latest Intel Xeon E3 1230 CPU with 4 x 3.2 GHz HT
    2 x 1,000 GB enterprise hard drives
    16 GB DDR3 ECC Server RAM


    1000 MBIT / Traffic Free

    Location Uptime:

    Now 14 Years


    Since the dawn of time./Twilight Zone

  • Update 13-02-01. a.002 - 22.01GMT-paris

    Test Server Online - 20Slot´s DUEL ! (LaAaaAag Test f.ucK_a0.1) - offline

    Console :


    Steam Favoriten :

    Update 13-02-01. a.003 - 22.01GMT-paris

    We have at the moment Ubuntu 12.10 with wine.

    It´s makes some mystek with the udk./;…

    So we change in 1houer +2. Too Windows Server 2008 RC2.

    Updates soon like /darkfall.u.W

    Update 13-02-02. a.002-a.003-a.004 & 13-02-02 - 001beta.(online)

    Test Server Online - (beta) - DUEL ! (LaAaaAag Test f.ucK_b0.2)

    Console :


    Steam Favoriten:

    orginal link : viewtopic.php?f=72&t=9742

    p.s: old days use the forum. <–- Dont o.M.g letz rocK lagging sh.IT!

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