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  • After a new patch release I think it’s time for community to express their ideas with double energy, since devs may look for a fresh ideas for a future update.
    I first of all want to thank Torn Banner, update is great.
    And I have some things in mind I want to share with you guys.Some ideas I already posted here before but I think it’s okay to repeat myself a little.
    1. I think stamina management should be reformed.
    Stamina is still of a little impact on a game play. I think this aspect deserves some extra thinking. My best suggestion here that stamina shouldn’t run out so fast but affect the game much more. So you will be able to fight several people non-stop but get a little bit slower and clumsier every no and then.
    Overall,I think it can be implemented in a large update. Current system does not have room for much change. I may be wrong.
    2. Stamina ideas
    Some things may be added to game as a result of stamina reform. For example stumble.When you out of stamina and you blocking a large weapon or got hit in the head or got kickeed: you fall down like a sack of rubbish. It is quite easy to implement you just rag doll on the ground grunting and screaming. And it would add extra fun to combat. Like some Knight falls down and everyone jump on him to finish the kill. It will add some realism.Also kicking enemies to the ground is a purpose of a flail. This feature will make this weapon VERY special.
    Also it might be interesting if staminless combatant can’t manage to grip his primary weapon after parry and it falls off. So he forced to use secondary. disarming thing will make combat more dramatic.And automatic give a chance to use secondary more often.
    3. Falling damage
    Here I repeat my former posts. Lack of falling damage ruins realism. Kicks are inefficient, enemy in full plate doesn’t die on fall and runs to safety. men at arms jump down on you from 7 meter high walls like space marines. If falling would be lethal positioning would mean more.Tactics would mean more. Running on narrow ledges with lucern hammer would be risky. It would be more fun and it would be more serious. I see current fall damage as an exploit. You are not punished for doing super human jumps and ruining medieval combat. it is not popular notion because plenty of people use the lack of falling damage to win.Also it would be funny and realistic If stumbling animation I mentioned before would be used for damaging but non lethal falls. Imagine light armoured archer falling down from a wall and ragdolling to the ground helpless like he twisted his ankle. If he got lucky he survives. If not someone will finish him. IS IT NOT FUN?
    4.Choping damage
    What is it good for? Nobody can answer this question. you use swords for light armor, blunt and trust for heavier armor. Chop is a separate type but it’s written nowhere WHY.
    Please, make it more clear.
    5 Vanguard secondaries
    They are odd. I have choice between MAA primary and MAA secondaries? Nobody uses short swords. At least not for vanguards. Axes are better in most cases.
    It’s fine. Nobody is OP. People who say otherwise just can’t adapt.
    7 Customization
    I hope it will be complex. Everyone does. Knights in a fray with signs of honour all over them. IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN HORSES!Really.
    8.Map ideas
    Here is some thoughts. maps should express interesting aspects of medieval war. It might be fun if there will be a ground control map, and the NPC archers somewhere far away will rain down arrows on the battle field from time to time. That’s how archery is used on the battlefield. It might be frustrating though.
    Entire map dedicated to storming of the walls with ladders and shit would be great. it doesn’t need any more objectives even. Pure dynamics and gore.
    Embark from a ship to a stronghold would be fun. Fighting waist high in water slower down by a stream. And defending team should slow you down and at the same time break a dam to wash you away. Some double objectives I think would encourage team play. A complex version of sluice gate. It is really interesting part. This idea deserves progress.
    Also destructible environment would impress every body. Imagine objective when tou should strom a wooden fort. And you can take powder barrels to the walls to make a breach WHEREVER you like.That would be intense.
    9. Regeneration
    It is a controversial topic. I think it may be reformed as well. Usually people die faster than they have chance to heal up. And in LTS it kind of ruins the balance a little bit. This mode should encourage tactics not camping.I may be completely wrong about this one though.
    10. Lore
    Some more involving story would attract more players. if you have money I advice you to make a 3d opening trailer to advertise the game.
    Also story is to primitive to my taste.Evil mason and kind Agathians are to simple. PLEASE add some controversy. Some depth NEVER hurts.
    11. Realism
    It’s really realistic game if not for falling damage. But I have nice idea to add some mood.How about non dismembered corpses would act as wounded instead. Dead knight looked fine, but DYING knight is better. Make them move slightly, put pressure on would for a little while. Maybe even make them crawl from battlefield. Player is already re-spawned but his ‘corpse’ is still have a little life in him. This is purely cosmetic feature and I think it would be nice.
    12. Liquids
    They may be better. I know it’s a technical feature but if you will make some tech upgrades for a game,please don’t forget about it. Some mixing blood with water, some wetness on the plate and some blood dropping from the helmet on the ground would be beautiful. It will make us players scream in approval.
    I hope that this post will be read by devs. I hope for some feedback. Also guys, the community: usually only critique is posted on such treads. If you like some of my ideas please leave a note. It increases chances of future implementation. thx.

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