Two quick questions

  • Hey,

    1. Does anyone care to explain to me what flinching or the flinching bug is, everyone is talking about?
    2. What is the key to a successful Parry - Attack Combo? It works one in five times for me.


  • 1. Flinch bug seems to be fixed for the most part, though the ghost swings are now more prevalent as a result. Kind of traded one bug for another, so the new problem is that you’ll hit someone right before they start an attack, you’ll flinch them, but the attack animation will still play, yet only for you. So it’s a ghost swing that does no damage, but you don’t know that unless you’re confident that he flinched. Makes comboing stronger, but in the heat of battle you may find yourself wasting parries on ghost attacks.

    2. Attack as you hear the “clang” of your weapons colliding. It seems to help to spam it a little bit right around the proper timing, but that will often cause combos that you may or may not want to execute.

  • Thank you so much!

    I felt like I can’t break anyones attack anymore, didn’t know of the ghost attacks but wondered about not taking damage. And yeah of course wasted parries. It really happens every 1,5 fights to me now.

    I will try it with the clang!

    Thank you my lord.

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