Duel Mode Issues

  • 1. The way duel mode ends is a problem. Most people do not want to be stuck in spectating to watch other duels finish before the map changes and a winner is declared. I’ve seen too many people simply leave and go somewhere else because they don’t want to wait. Duel mode needs to be by time and not wins.

    2. The challenge system is inconvenient. I’ve gone out of my way to try and challenge people and a lot of players keep clicking pool and never notice they have been challenged. I think that when each duel ends the quick menu should show pending challenges as well. Its annoying when someone wants to fight challenging opponents, but end up stuck in a constant rotation of opponents who don’t even have a chance.

    For these reasons I think a lot of competitive servers may go back to FFA mode duels.

  • Waiting is a game killer.
    Waiting is a game killer.
    Waiting is a game killer.

    I read somewhere that repeating something 3 times creates a memory of that which was said.

    I do hope a dev reads this thread, because waiting is a game killer.
    nobody plays anything to wait.

    A new game just released “Action Waiting”, you as the player get to power wait while everyone else has fun. You will be drawn into a action packed waiting game. Just when you thought the fun will begin, you will wait longer.

    PC Gamer said “Action Waiting makes Christmas come and go”
    G4 Tv said “Action Waiting reminds us of the word, soon”

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