• Well im sometimes pissed about the tertiaries of the vanguard. the pot is really really really really really (x100000 more really) useless. i wanna have something i can finally defend myself against those worthless archers.

    so how about a targe? Targes are damn small, they are around as big as a fist shield. sure they dont offer much protection but u r still able to weild 2handed weapons. It would still cost alot of skill (or luck) to block arrows with this small shield and might vanguards give something where they dont feel 110 % helpless against arrow showers.

  • I doubt this is ever going to happen since the Vanguard was ment to be a class with full damage output.

    In any case, what good would a targe at when archers can already shoot around a buckler. Imagine what they could do with a targe? Implementing a targe would merely be a waste of a tetiary weapon slot that easily could’ve been filled by throwing axes/knives or indeed a smoke pot.

    I agree however that the smoke pot is very limited in use, but I would not call it absolutely useless. It merely requires some improvements.

  • @SharpshotSid:

    …blablablablabla… improvements.


    I suggest the smoke pot should have either a larger radius or a longer lasting effect OR!
    And bare with me sir since this might be a revolutionary idea! - Stamina Drain from the poisonous smoke!
    Inhale away good agathians INHALE AWAY! HAHAHAHAH!

  • Sure its a tiny shield but it was used in scottish warfare and in the antic times n stuff.

    If you dont like it dont use itXD but there is no usefull tertiary for the vanguard. at all.

    (throwing weaps are not “special”)

  • @Thorendir:

    If you dont like it dont use itXD

    Same could be said for you and the smoke pot


    but there is no usefull tertiary for the vanguard. at all.
    (throwing weaps are not “special”)

    No, throwing weapons are not especial but they are tertiary weapons, and usefull. That you don’t find them usefull well… “If you dont like it dont use itXD”.

  • i would if it would do a damn but it defintly does not. its not making the enemy miss, you can blindly shoot in that direction and still hit couple of targets with sum lulz. a shield is a shield it blocks stuff no matter how small it is. it costs alot of skill to block ranged attacks with it and its historical correct. As far as i know there is no bad thing to add a couple of new weapons / shields and other content.

    there is no reason to not have it implemented. you have to agree that there is for every class a usefull special tertiary not just shitty throwing weaps every damn class has.

    i think english longbowmen and scottish infants did know a LIL about warfare and did shit for a good reason i guess.

  • I wouldn’t mind having a small shield to use with secondary weapons. MAA can use shields with the dane axe, so why can’t Vanguards?

  • well it would work like this:

    tapping parry would make you parry with your weapon. (any weapon those shields were made for 2handed weaponry)

    pressing and holding parry would make the character use his shield. (keep in mind it is small, simple blockwhoring incoming melee attacks wouldnt work at all)

  • The current buckler shield is more like a targe than a proper buckler…weren’t we having a similar discussion in the balance forum?

    Granted that one started out as a complaint about how much real estate the buckler takes up on the screen, and how it acts in the game, but yes. This was brought up, or at least brushed over.

  • STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! YOU WONT POST false links into my topic.

    this is about a shield for the vanguard. nothing else. read properly next time. thank you.


  • Smoke pots can be useful. Throw them at archers or throw them at objectives you want to do. An underused weapon. So much unused potential.

    A vanguards weakness is supposed to be archers.

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