After I throw something I want to…

  • Not be forced back to the throwing weapon. There needs to be something different, anything. Right now it takes forever to pull the throwing weapon, throw something, pull the throwing weapon again, and not throw and pull any other weapon. To the point where you gotta knife-block cause sader/knight cannot pull weapons fast.

    It takes quite a while to adjust to the super slow weapong switching and against any average or above player you really don’t stand a chance.

    Right now the only option is to hope your computer/InterwebZ doesn’t lagg and actually hit the button on time.

  • Weapon switching in general is a lot less clumsy than in AoC because the faster combat pace eliminates abuses like switching to your knife after being parried being an advantage. Also, it isn’t an issue at all for the Javelineer as he no longer needs to switch weapons to change between melee and ranged.

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