Auto-Balance Mechanic

  • The current auto-balance mechanic is very primitive and frustrating when attempting to play with friends. I encourage the devs to explore other alternatives and in particular examine Natural Selection 2’s (NS2) way of handling lopsided teams. In NS2 the team with the overwhelming numbers simply is applied a queue, which keeps the number of people on the battlefield even and allows players on the lopsided team to wait their turn to spawn after a few teammates die off. This allows friends to play together conveniently without unbalancing the numbers on the field. So although the teams may display on the scoreboard 6 vs 10, there is only 6 vs 6 on the field at any time. If a player on the lopsided team does not wish to wait to spawn then they may simply switch to the other team manually, which makes it their choice.

    Best FPS real life friend mechanics I’ve seen to date are:

    1. Highlighting friends on the field with green name tags (Chivalry)
    2. Death queue instead of randomly auto-switching your team (NS2)

    The aforementioned mechanics used collectively would greatly enhance playing with friends.

  • i can say it would be better if they apply this mechanic

  • The reason why NS2 use auto-balance mechanic like this is because the two teams are a lot different. In Chivalry, you can play with same setup in both teams ergo there is no need for this autobalance system.

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