New Forum Sections

  • I’ve been lurking the forums for a short amount of time now, and I am beginning to see hardware questions and “will it run?” questions popping up in the general discussion board.

    This is fine now and not bothersome with the relatively small amount of forum users. In a short time I believe there will be an influx into this forum with questions and comments that might not fit in any current sub-section.

    I think that the forum would benefit largely with the creation of sections. Some initial examples I have would be:

    As it stands now the forum is more than accommodating for the amount of users. After the Kickstarter campaign gets the funding and the beta begins, the large wave of new users (like myself) will have questions and comments and feedback.

    Of course I leave this decision to be made by the higher-ups and the examples I made are only suggestions which are open to criticism. I just hope to help make things go smoothly when this game gets it’s much deserved attention by the public.

    TL;DR- There needs to be new sub-forums to keep things tidy when the game is released.

  • +1

  • Good idea

  • Yep I also think it needs this now.

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