• When you jump and get on the ballista at the same time, it flys up into the air. I’ve even seen people flying around with it.

  • Haha so that’s how it’s done, I saw that yesterday myself as well.

    I honestly thought it was Santa at first, then slapped myself when I wondered why the heck would he be there? Then saw what it actually was. XD

  • Lol how cute xP

  • Army of Darkness easter egg…that’s actually a '73 Oldsmobile. :D

    I’ve noticed that when using the ballistas, if I hit tab for the scoreboard it will sometimes cause the ballista to ‘detach’ from the player and float off to the left of the screen while the player’s view remains fixed. After releasing scoreboard, the ballista will slowly float back to center-screen, allowing the player to aim correctly again.

    Haven’t separately reported this as a bug because I don’t have time to gather all the details needed to troubleshoot, but mentioning it in case others have experienced this and can provide more input.

  • must. try.

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