Recognition of friends?

  • me and about 5 of my friends want to get this game. after watching some videos I had a question to ask. If me and my friends join the same server, how can we tell which one is out friends? if you mouseover a person does it show their name? I am confused because it seems like it would be difficult finding a friend through the hectic fighting.

    If there is no gametag in mouseover, will they implement it or is it in the works? I’d like to know before I purchase the game.

    Thank you!

  • When you are playing with friends in a server you will see their nametags as big green floating letters. And there also is nametag display on mouseover at close range.

  • Steamfriend names hover over your friends. :)

    You can turn them off if you want to by pressing the toggle objective markers button.

  • thanks for the replies!

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