Weapon Progression Reset

  • Hello. I am Aramius, Steam account name ajbd90, and I have a very troubling issue.

    To put things bluntly - my weapon progression has reset. Knight and Man At Arms, which I had completed well and truly prior to the update, and Vanguard, which I only just completed yesterday. Archer has as well, but I am not quite so concerned about that. I can also confirm that the Man At Arms and Knight Veteran Helmets are no longer useable for me - the Vanguard helmet did not even unlock, an issue which I believe is already known of.

    What can be done to fix this, as while I greatly enjoy this game, I have absolutely zero interest in repeating the grind to unlock all of the weapons that I have previously unlocked.

    If necessary, I can provide evidence - in the form of achievement unlock details - to show that I have, in fact, unlocked all of these weapons.

  • Same problem, I’ve lost everything, even my rank. I have evidence too, I have the achievements, and I have recent screenshots showing my rank.

  • Issue is resolved - thankfully, it looks like joining an official server has returned most settings to normal. Aside from my rank (inconsequential) and my veteran helmets, which remain inaccessible… ah well.

  • For me it’s just the veteran helmets that are missing.

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