Just stop it already.

  • Stop. Making. Maps. Where. Defender. Spawns. On. The.

    It is utter bullshit of the highest degree and reeks of rank amateur map design. Hillside is the absolute worst at it, but you freaking DID IT AGAIN for the first stage of Citadel. Why in the Holy mother of Balls did you possibly think it was a good idea to have the attacker spawn a mile away while the defender spawns directly on the objective with next to NOTHING for spawn timer difference?

    In TF2, in the CP gametype, if you take a point, the enemy team takes longer to spawn due to being closer to their remaining capture points. It makes sense and keeps the flow of the game EVEN. But in Chivalry, defenders spawn directly on the point in Hillside and now first stage citadel making the entire trek to the fighting area pointless due to having to run a gauntlet of enemy chokes to reach an objective that is not only easy to defend, but nearly impossible to hold due the constant stream of reinforcements. Hillside is the freaking worst of this due to the enemy team spawning on the fire and being able to put it ALL THE WAY OUT, and the attackers having to get all the way up there, through the chokes, to try to hold it from a constant stream of reinforcements while their spawn is again….a MILE AWAY.

    And don’t even get me started on treb 3…there is no excuse for that. No. Goddamn. Excuse. Not only do masons spawn on it, their archers can fire at enemies from their SPAWN THAT CAN’T BE REACHED. WHAT.

    Do something about this crap. I’m sorry about being vulgar about it but for God’s sake is it bad map design. Horrid. Unacceptable.

  • It’s not TF2, Cod or BF3.

  • Tou might have been a little rude about it, but yes, you do have a fair point. I haven’t played the citadel much, but the first time I’ve played I spent almost the entire game by the balista either using it, or shooting from the crossbow next to it. And not once did an enemy make it to my position. Neither, I think, to the other one. But I’ll make the final judgement after trying to attack. And hillside… It’s true, in my experience, if the teams are evenly matched, the attackers won’t make it past the fire. And if they do, they’ll never take the third trebuchet. Hillside could really use some major design adjustments.

  • I’ve seen these objective completed.
    I don’t think there’s room for any change right now and is fine the way it is.
    Being closer to the objective I think the time to wait for enemies to show up can put some players off their guard.
    And did I say that the objectives are complete-able? - I mean if it wasn’t I’m sure the areas would have been changed somehow.

    Also, less respect to you for raging on forum bro. - you should know that you’re gonna be taken less seriously.

  • Citadel is the worst map I have seen. Things are set up weird. The objectives are horribly placed, the castle is so horribly set up the architect should have his hands cut off.

  • @Mashuu:

    the castle is so horribly set up the architect should have his hands cut off.

    I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I do agree with OP that the attacker spawn for the first objective is way too far away. Honestly, I spend at least three times as long running across the map as I do actually fighting and winning the objective. I think the issue is less that it’s unbalanced, and more that the map is just boring due to the massive transit time.

  • Hillside ist the worst map in the entire damning game.

  • Weird. Hillside is one of my favorites. But I have to agree with citadel. It’s nearly impossible as agatha unless you have an unbalanced team when it comes to skill levels. And I already hate archers on every other map… on citadel it’s éven worse. So I just leave whenever it pops up. I like the level design though. Looks really cool, and I love the hellish environment ;-) Just not so fun to play.

  • @Garfuncle:

    Stop. Making. Maps. Where. Defender. Spawns. On. The.

    I’d have taken this post more seriously if not for all the grammatically-incorrect sentence fragments.

  • The first objective for the attackers is really hard. If your not seen though your fine.

    The next few are not too hard but you can still lose.

    Killing malric is the easiest part.

    So it just gets easier.

    The attackers should have been closer. And with less cliffs.

    Communication works.

  • The first objective is a stark contrast to how easy the rest of Citadel is. Its almost as if Maulric got all his slaves to build only one impregnable layer of defense and told them, “If the agathians get through, promise you won’t turn tail and run m’kay?”

    Obviously it didn’t work out very well for him.

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