Ragdoll question

  • Hi everybody :D
    Great to see the game progress as much in a short time
    Just wondered after watching a few videos if there is some diversity/context to the ragdoll animations when you die ? i mean sometimes for example a brutal death could causes your body to fall instantly to the ground (headshot, dismemberement…) but not always launch the same scrippted animation that seems inappropriate in some occasions and can also be repetitive if always the same in a long run, which is not truly dynamic and pleasing for a melee game.

  • Decapitating someone when they are falling to their knees? Hell yes!

    There is alot of variety to the ragdoll animations, you have partialy scripted animations that are triggered when you kill someone but you can always add your own flavor to the animation that is being played by giving that satisfying finishing blow. Resulting in a ton of epic ways for your opponent to end on the floor bleeding, with no limbs and his head rolling down a hill :P

  • I think multiple death animations (Age of Conan) is a great.

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