[MAA] Ducking, Dodging, Punching

  • The crouch is extremely underused with the MAA. It can be used to easily overcome vanguard left click swings as these tend to be slow and drawn out giving the MAA plenty of time to react.

    An example of this can be seen here:


    Vanguard are especially easy for MMA as both the overhead and poke are slow and cumbersome.

  • Haha, this is great for joking around on free for all servers, and so rewarding when you pull it off! Keep spreading the alternate joys of Chivalry!

  • Combining fists and the MAA dodge mechanic is just… amazing. You do get a lot of hate on FFA though because everyone hates getting punched to death.

  • Oh, I’ve seen that most people take it in good fun. Occasionally people will join in, and the whole server will be in fisticuffs :D

  • So far I’ve only managed to make people angry! Been kicked a fair few times too

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