Game doesn't use entire screen at lower resolution

  • Hello, I’m trying to run Chivalry at 800x600 for performance reasons however it doesn’t utilize the whole screen. My native resolution is 1366x768. If I run the game at 1024x768 the game runs pillarboxed, but at 800x600 I get the postage stamp effect with a big black boarder.

    I’ve tried going in and out of fullscreen mode. And I’ve tried adding rendering options on launch in steam but nothing is working. How do I get the game to change my native resolution?

  • The “native” resolution of your screen is what your computer uses natively (kinad strange word IMHO, xD).
    The game itself will not change your native resolution, but you can change the resolution for the game.
    but, what do you mean by “postage stamp”?
    Do you mean that you have the black boarders on all the sides of your screen?
    If so, try and change your native resolution to the same as the game can run, worked for me before when I had a low native resolution. 8-)

  • Yes I do mean black boarders. Changing my native resolution works but it also means I have to play around with my resolution every time I load up the game.

    Before the content patch I can switch to 800x600 without having the boards, the boards are new as of the patch.

  • You need to change your scaling options in your graphics driver. There should be an options page in your driver control panel that has scaling options such as let monitor handle scaling or do scaling on the video card. You want to enable scaling on the video card in most cases. Not sure why the patch would’ve affected this, but that should be the solution.

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