New map idea.

  • This new map is a siege map. This map contains the belfry the giant siege tower. This map will be around a castle while the mason order attacks from the front. There will be a moat around the castle. However when the belfry rolls up to the castle it has a so called walkway. The objective of this game is to gain access into the castle to free the mason prisoners in the dungeon. Due to the massive weight and size of the belfry there should at least be two or three people near it to push it. There are also other ways of getting in. When the first objective is completed (Roll the belfry to the castle gates.) There will be ladders to climb on. There will also be oil pots and having the power to drop rocks on the mason order below. Now it will be boring for the Knights, Vanguards, MAA since you have to wait. But in the real medieval times. There were secret doors to the castle to surprise the enemy. So the melee classes won’t be bored. There will also be ballistas. The mason order will try to bypass the castle to make it to the dungeon to save the mason prisoners. That is all I have any suggestions? ;) (Yes most likely the mason order will try to break into the secret doors. But you know most of the melee class will be entering through there.)

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