• We rent a i3dnet server paying approx 80 dollars a month to host a chivalry server for our community
    Our server is offline since update and they continue too charge me for this inconvenience
    I have spent wasted hours trying and waiting for this server too list as promised but nothing
    I am over charged since i can rent this game via Gamearena for half what i pay at I3DNET.
    So be careful when renting a server i suggest only pay for 1 month at a time so you can easily change providers if they fail in providing the service they promise you when they take your money.
    I dont like paying 80 bucks a month to be lied too and made promises that never get delivered
    This great game is just a shell for others too rape the gaming community for all the cash they can get and deliver nothing but frustration too those of us who are trying too promote this game globally
    yours truly

  • Art of War Central is terrible too, anyone have any suggestions for a good host?

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