Is there an unlock/upgrade system?

  • I recall a vague reference to such a feature in some much older promotional material. Could someone more up to date shed some light on the nature of the upgrade system, if any, in this game? I can’t imagine starting up and being bombarded with the choice between 60 odd melee weapons.

  • I think the initial confusion will stay about three days.
    Having to wait three months to get the weapon of your dreams seems much worse, AFAIAC.

    No seriously, I already said that, but I am furiously against any kind of leveling system.

  • On the other hand, getting items in a trickle can help keep things new and ensures that you get to use a variety of weapons rather than just finding the one you’re most comfortable with and settling on it.

    There are merits to both approaches, but I’m just keen to find out which path this game is going down. I’m not opposed to having everything available at the start, it’s just literally difficult to imagine given the sheer quantity of weapons and how entrenched levelling has become in multiplayer games.

  • The last mention Tibbs gave on this that I can recall was that you would start with the “standard” weapon of each type (thus 3 weapons per class) and then unlock more specialized weapons. I.E., the Broadsword is a balanced one-handed sword with average stats across the board and good attack variety, while the Norse Sword is faster, lighter, has a longer reach and more powerful thrusts, but weak slashes, and the Falchion has a shorter reach and weak thrusts but powerful slashes. The longbow has good range and damage but average speed, the shortbow has low range and damage but shoots very quickly, and the warbow has superior range and damage but fires very slowly. The unlocks system is meant to acclimate you to the game gradually but not restrict content at a slow grind.

    I don’t know any specifics about how it will be implemented or how long it will take to unlock every weapon, but I really doubt it’ll take nearly as long as it does in most progression based games. Not sure if secondary weapons will be unlocked either.

  • yah! challenges! I think challenges would be good eg.
    kill a certain amount of people with this weapon for an achievement or other reward. and get a certain amount of kills with all weapons to get a weapons masters reward or achievement!

  • Thanks SlyGoat. Makes sense.


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