Probably by design, I'm new here.

  • I see that you are still working on this, which is great.

    There are so many little things… but they might be tricky to not penalize the original beneficiary…

    I will start with I was back to playing knight today with a shield, and there are so many blocks that are missed because of bad tracking of the mouse state. One would think that since the shield is defense as long as the button is held, then that is how a shield works, if the button is pressed, in shield mode.

    1. breaking of block, makes you lower the shield, but you’re still holding the mouse. Lose on skill for not releasing to retrigger block.
    2. blocking of attacks; normally because of feint, one can trick an opponent into defending with their weapon, and if they miss the real block, lose to defender. (This is a shield though, not a block with a weapon, so maybe a double-click should engage the shield)

    The current behavior; if you click and hold, you begin to block, if you click and end up tapping, no matter how many more times you click, if you hold, you will not be blocking… so… there is a state if you are blocking, and release, re-click you can hold, but most multi-clicks followed by a hold are a fail for defense.

    These are things that I think are just silly. If I’m running up on a opponent with a long range melee, and they are at the end of their swing, if I am running in a vector from behind and they have not seen, I really don’t think that should count as a hit on me. IRL I don’t think I would have problems avoiding the end of a swing (which would be decellerated anyway). It should be a nick or glancing blow which would not interupt an attack at any rate. There’s no leverage at that point.

    I dunno I would think that strikes on people entering the zone would really not be tracked; I mean it’s bad enough that at the very start of a wind up, if I’m running by, before they even barely get a forawrd swing, I’m decapitated/killed. What about those attacks that are because the attacker maanged to pivot to catch me? I dunno, then the direction wouldn’t be from behind. Yes, I understand weapons have a very wide arc, but maybe just diminished damage at the end of the arc? (at the beginning too?)

    There are SOOO many times I’ve run up to backstab someone and get stunned by the blow; at least implement glancing blows.

    An idea! There are several games on consoles that give you indicators of when you can continue your swing. A bar or something to give a sense of time to continue swings would be really nice. I mean, if I end up getting blocked I don’t want to chain a swing, I want to counter with a block; so usually I wait to decide if I hit whether I can hit again; this doesn’t work though. But I have no other indicator of when I can be blocked… like when I’m in a windup state. (Seems everything everyone else does to me makes me stop my swing, even during the swing). Which leads to the idea of simultaneous kills. There are so many times that I’ve just had the momentum that even if I did get an arrow through the eye, the thing under my hammer would die too… I dunno that one becomes more tricky and more physics based… to give the final swing to the animation of the ragdoll, with an active weapon for a while… at least until it htis the ground. I’ve seen may with weapons up, kneeling … if I can run into someone’s back swing of a spear and die, then that should be lethal too :)

    Is it possible that someone’s wind up is longer than the time you block? Seems really like it, when trying to unlock the last two handed knight hammer, that I would get attacked by Vanguard, and not be able to block, because they’d be on the back swing, and I couldn’t just leave my axe up blocking their long swing. When really I’d just sit under the weight of my hammer and blcok about anything once it was in position… But this is more relative to my having no experience, and maybe they did the swing-cancel thing. Maybe it’s the block time on a hammer is the same short time of a knife; which is a feature I suppose?

    I like it; very brutal. Only thing better would be true free-form swings like die-by-the-sword had.

  • I didn’t mention that polearms are deadly along their full length, so being inside the range where you have no leverage, and definitely no blade. I wasn’t going to mention it… but a brawler with a knife; would win that fight. (usually does, because of stun from getting hit during the windup, which again, happens to me, more than for me, unless it’s the weapons and I’m just using the wrong things; do some weapons have more stun than others?

    Another thought, Oh a limit for number of bodies; I turned up ragdoll to 240 on the arena map with king of the hill objective, and there was a pile of bodies up to my neck on the platform. There was SOooo much lag for me. But long delays on bodies laying around is in general cool, if there was also a maximum count.

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