Thoughts on the Patch

  • Torn Banner you did a great job with many of the weapon balances and all around class changes/balances. This whole post is from the view of a Flanged Mace/ Kite shield user. As this is what I have used 230 of my 250 hours in this amazing game. Im going to highlight few of my thoughts.

    -The Flanged Mace is my favorite of all the weapons, and I agree with the slight damage tone down against MAA. Requiring 2 head shots to kill them rather than 2 arms/ 2 chest strikes was a need change.

    -The Warhammer is no longer unbeatable in the hands of semi skilled players, having to hit the head both times for a kill is fantastic. It helps against the LMB only Warrhammer crowd. It is now in line considering its abysmal overall speed, on thing that might be toned down is the combo speed. Just imo.

    -The Halberd has been toned down nicely and eliminated a big portion of the stab spamming. It can still be spammed but it is more easily able to be countered with the right knowledge.

    -All of the 1h axes all seem to be doing quite well in the right hands but not in a way that I feel is overpowered. In the hands of a capable MAA or Van it is deadly as hell.

    Haven’t noticed too much change in other weapons.

    Other changes

    -The new shield bash/kick is fantastically implemented, I have to say I was very worried on beta about the way it works but after many, many duels It feels as though it is working perfect in that setting. I have been beaten by it and have beaten many people with it. The fact that spamming it resets the stun timer on the second hit to prevent it from being too vicious in the hands of spammers is fantastic. From my experience anyone who can master more than 2 buttons can now eliminate those pesky shield wallers. Before this patch I have seen huge problems with people void of skill endlessly blocking an assailant. This brought a good way to keep shields from being carried as if they had no weight and being used as if the knight was a tireless demi-god. Landing this attack on a skilled player requires a lot of timing and skill in return, very high risk and high reward.

    -Stamina in the beta was scary as HELL for a shield user, rewarding spammers way too much for endless strikes on the shield. The way it was changed at the last beta update brought it back up to the just right spot imo.

    -Alternate strikes are a very good edition to this game. It got rid of the very repetitive combat. Don’t get me wrong there were those using a variety of strikes. From my experience most fights ended with both fighters (I have seen ranks 0-28 use this as their only tactic) having pressed their LMB 4-6 times in a row. This made when and where to block/parry an absolute snooze fest for high skilled players. Almost every fight against another fighter with any kind of footwork almost always meant circling your opponents right flank and right to swing past their block. (adding the fact that most people are fond of LMB) The choice of starting your swing from the opposite side added a entire dimension to the game play. When bound correctly it brings a whole new side to combat! The left side that is… anyway, it makes fights look much more intense.
    -Second bit on alternate swings, it is another tool to bring when fighting a good shield knight. Swinging a normal slash and then feinting into an alternate slash can destroy those using a shield when combined with footwork and timing. This is fantastic and helps with the previous patches shield walling issue.

    Over all very impressed with the new game modes and additions, great job Torn Banner.

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