Balista bug

  • when I rotate 90 degrees the ballista, located at the center of the map snow I lose control of it and i can’t use it anymore if i don’t push E again

  • Any way that you can make a youtube video of it?

  • The balista has been repeatedly buggy in all the game modes. It doesn’t happen all the time though. Often it would get stuck, and the player is unable to move or exit the balista. The only way out of it is to fire the balista once.

    Also, after that bug occurs, when the player does exit, he can no longer make any attacks. After death though, things are fixed.

  • One time a teammate flew our balista over to the first agatha spawn in citadel. Needless to say they did not break down the first wall.

  • I think I finally figured out something that may be causing this, but I need to test it a little more. Will update you soon.

    The siege weapons flying away… that’s a whole other mess :?

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