Can't see any servers!

  • OK first off, this is unprofessional. I bought a 4 pack cause the game looked good and was on sale. I put up a server, give my gifts to a few friends. Put up a WINE sever which is UNSTABLE as hell and which my server provider says I should strongly encourage native.

    Anyhow, I stop the WINE server cause just to unstable and wait for MAJOR update, hoping things will be fixed. Now can’t even get WINE server running and my client can’t even see any servers, EVEN after removing all local files and downloading again. Need I remind that bandwidth is not free to all. Yet still no servers listed. I try the vdf file posted here…nothing. I am not new computers.

    WTH folks, I try to support a game yet I can’t even get a server or ask my less computer friendly friends to join me for some fun cause can’t even get servers listed. Yet we pay money for this SHIT. Get your avt together if you expect support. This game shouldn’t be in alpha and released.

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