Weird Screenoverlay

  • I have encountered a strange bug:

    I sometimes get a strange white screenoverlay, which looks a little like a bloodstain and seems to last untill the map is changed by the server.
    The overlay appears right after the loading screen and it seems to be a different shape everytime.
    When I turn of depth of field in options the overlay disappears and when I turn it back on, it reappears :/

    Here is a screenshot:

  • I get this quite frequently. Appears when I die for a few secs then disappears or shows for the entire duration of the game after joining a server.

  • I had the same “visions”. They tended to disappear after a few seconds though (save for the Marlic Cidatel Map). If you turn dynamic lights and/or dynamic shadows you should case to have these screen overlays. I know it worked to me although I disabled these two options to get massive FPS boost.

  • Turn bloom on in your configuration -> video settings. It should fix that…

  • It must be JCDenton and his augmented vision!

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