Maps with more complex scenarios

  • Different stuff, with a bit of roleplaying, different bonuses, like spawns, siege weapon, defendable position. There should be not one team to attack and one to defend, but a scenario that would evolve during the game. This could also mix gameplay, per example the map start with a capture the hill, the wining team need to move a chariot to enter a castle, an optional objective would be to poison the water of the castle, … etc
    Realizing objectives would give scores, and score should count for final winning results. So it can vary in some different patterns and would add more re playability to this awesome game.
    It’s a bit sad that we re in 2013 and games still use server system from 20 years ago also, why not adding a meta game or such, with castles to conquer, etc…

  • multiple ways to reach the next objective “level” would be already enough but yea why not

  • yeah, but the goal of this would be to extend the replayability. I mean comon, we’re in 2013.
    Currently, we have something that look like enemy territory (2003). I mean, this is pretty cool, but to match the combat system, we need something cooler ;)

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