Dueling Servers I know who but what am I fighting

  • Different maps provide advantage to different classes. Some favor Archers, some Vans etc.

    I want to know what I am fighting, not saying I should be able to change classes, but at least my weapon set, and not walk out there blind. Getting one shotted by a crossbow as you go out to pay courtesy as many players still do just sucks.

    Archers can duel, but all throwing weapons are removed, seriously? Ok so MAA, and Knights can use their shields to close the gap and cut them down, but there maps where a Van is done with little hope of closing the gap before he is put down, and a decent archer can easily shoot around a buckler.

    I know they have smoke, but you can still target through it, the dot still turns red. Maybe this is a bug, maybe not I don’t know.

    The dueling servers have been an interresting experience, wish I had gotten into it sooner, if for no other reason that seeing what people are doing.

  • I fully agree with you: apart of the fact that I despise these archers scums in general, seeing them ruining fun in the duel mode is a bit over the top (even more as I didn’t see any votekick command in duel mode).

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