Lag compensation or Server problem?

  • The servers i play on are 17, 18 and 19 based in SG. I was basically getting 50 ping on these server but after the December patch, they had 300 - 200 ping for players outside of SG.

    Since the new patch has came out, servers seem worst for wear but with better pings. The pings are much better than before, average 100 but still not good as when i first bought the game in November when they were low 50s. Although many are going to say that 50 and 100 ping is no difference, I really feel that 100 ping is at a severe disadvantage when facing people with 50 ping and below especially if their MAA or a quick weapon.

    Before the patch, the game was still playable even with 200 ping although i would get dragged into peoples swings and vice versa im guessing due the lag compensation.

    Now its even worst after the patch although i have 100 ping, I never had problems with facehuggers but now it seems i can’t parry them at all when their facehugging, they get 2 freeswings this way. Another problem is when the MAA blink dashes and attacks, it was definitely blockable before the patch but now I get hit before the animation even occurs.
    I’ve also been dragged back into swings way way way more often than normal, ie. the enemy swings the air but i still get hit, this happens both ways as well, i hit air but i still connect with my swing, i dont enjoy this, makes the game feel extremely clunky. I use to be able to get 5.1 or 4.1 KD ratio now im getting swamped even by newbies.

    On top of that, im not sure whether this is server side problem or due to the game, been experiencing some weird animations very rarely but when it happens the enemy cancels an attack and i accidentally hit block but the block animation and effect still happens. Im guessing he swung after the cancel but the animation for his attack didnt appear?

    Is all this some kind of weird lag compensation because of the new patch or do the servers need a hard restart and maintenance? Multiplay hasnt been very good server hosts, do you guys intend to change in the future because I’m really disappointed that I had a very very playable game in November that has been slowly getting broken ever since due the servers.

  • The pings lately are extremely high, while I’m playing with a ping of 50 and below, other are playing with pings between 100-200. If been hit and killed dozens of time due to the lag these people are having.

  • which country are you from? Im from Malaysia which is located in SouthEastAsia and is the neighbouring country of Singapore which is where the servers i play on are located.

    I get 100 ping on Singapore Official servers and i get 100 ping on private Taiwan Servers. Connecting to Australian servers gives me a 500 ping. I never had any of these problems until December last year.

    And I know its not my connection because i play other games like CSGO and TF2 which have no problems what so ever.
    Hell i play Mechwarrior:Online as well, the servers are located in either Canada or USA, i get 300 ping and it’s still smoother than this game.

    I’ve clocked in only 150 hours into this game, probably would be 300 by now if it weren’t for the servers. The most frustrating thing is that none of these problems existed during the first month when i bought this game in November. They really need to change Multiplay server hosts, maybe players in USA and Europe don’t suffer from these problems that’s why theres not much noise on the forums but its really frustrating for the minority like myself. Really disappointed.

  • I’ve taken screenshots of the lag: … sizedimage
    Gets a crazy ping spike to 250 from 100 ping.

    Next map the ping drops back down but only slight: … sizedimage
    This is at the start with 150 ping … sizedimage
    Rises again to 180 … sizedimage
    Game ends with 180 ping to 200 ping

    I’ve asked which country those players with high pings are from, some are from Malaysia, others from neighbouring countries. Basically, im not the only one suffering from this problem.

    I posted on this in December but didn’t get a reply.

    I posted again in January, when the problem was really bad everyone was suffering from 200 - 300 ping on the servers and i got a good reply from the admin but decided to wait it out until the patch came out.

    Now that the patch is out im still disappointed.

  • Bump? no official reply? been like 10 days…

  • no reply? this sucks, fucking conned into investing time into a game that’s got shitty servers now i cant get back my money or the hundred hours ive spent on this game. i regret asking people to buy this game and regret playing it. fuck you guys for everything, hope this game dies, thanks!

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