Weird connection issues

  • I’m having some problems with this game ever since the update, but not immediately after, for the first few hours everything seemed to be ok.

    When I open up the server browser, it usually won’t even find any servers, but every now and then it randomly does but most of them have insane pings, however, I sometimes still manage to find one with a decent ping, but when I try to connect, the connection times out. A few times since this has been happening I actually managed to connect and had a lot of problems with lag, which made the game unplayable.

    Any suggestions? I tried the fixes in the “can’t find servers” thread but they don’t work at all in my case.

    Is this problem occurring because of the update or is it something else?


    I seem to only have this issue if I’m playing on any resolution higher than 640x480, if I’m using 640x480, the game runs normally except for a bit higher ping than usual.

    I did not have this issue prior to a few hours after the update

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