TERRIBLE FPS after the update on a good machine.

  • Hello,
    I have been playing Chivalry since the beginning and I always was getting 50-100 FPS on my 8GB, i5 2500k, Radeon 5770HD gig. But after the update, well - the game is unplayable. Both on medium-high and low-medium graphics the game tends to drop even to 20 FPS. This is absolutely unacceptable to have an update such gamebreaking. Could anyone help me to solve this issue? What exactly happened?

  • How about some more information in regards to what map, player count, rag doll and blood decal limits? I have had issues with my frame rate dropping drastically on the new snow map on 64 player server but that was with rag doll and blood decal set to max.

  • I’ve got the exact same issue. Was running great before the patch, now it’s unplayable on any graphics setting.

    Any map, any server from small to large player counts, and any graphics settings.

  • Any map, playcount around 32, rag doll and blood decal doesn’t matter.
    Always stutters. :(

  • 20 FPS? I envy you.

    My FPS drops from 100 to 2 whenever someone around me takes damage.

  • @Ecto:

    Any map, playcount around 32, rag doll and blood decal doesn’t matter.
    Always stutters. :(

    It absolutely does matter. The more bodies/blood on the ground, the more your CPU has to work as well as your GPU to render it to the screen. I’ve turned the sliders for both to a little less than in the middle for a compromise to keep performance always above 60 for me.

  • We’re saying that regardless of the graphics, rag doll, or blood decal settings, it stutters like crazy. I ran this game on high everything with no stutter before the patch, I load it up after the patch and it is literally unplayable even if it’s just me and one other person on the server with everything on low.

  • Exactly, Even on absolutely lowest decals setting the game stutters like crazy and is unplayable, especially in the middle of a fight.

  • Tried it again today on my i7 machine with ATI HD5800 (every other game runs smooth on high res)
    Set details to low/off
    LAGGING as hell, terrible FPS rates, new maps nearly unplayable.

    Everything sucks after the Update!

  • Totally agree.
    I was so pumped up for the update, but the game just turned out to be unplayable.

  • for me, its not unplayeable at all. But after the update… i teleport a lot more, idk if that’s what you mean but stutter. But i basically blink around ‘like’ i am lagging but i’m not lagging. On my own server this happens even and on any map any decal, blood settings. My fps stays at a constant 60 on vsync, so it’s not my gpu or cpu. Even when it stutters my framerates remain the same. My ping is usually around 60 so i’m not lagging due to my connection. I do not have packet loss as i have checked, my cable service provider just put a new line in recently so the connection is great.

    I can’t really figure out what has changed or what i could do to fix this at least for now. Sucks. This does not always happen, sometimes i can go long periods without any stutter and then it’ll start all of a sudden.

    Specs are

    Cpu _ 3770k OC’d to 4.6
    GTX 680 Overclocked
    8GB Ram
    120GB Vertex 4 SSD

    my specs are solid man, should be able to play with no stutter, please noone tell me that it’s my computer lol because i know it’s not.

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