Positive Balance Feedback

  • As expected the “Balance and Game Mechanics” forum is basically used as “Cry about OP/abuse” forum. People are demanding change - nerfs, buffs, bugfixes. Yet everything that is balanced gets no mention.

    If its ok why talk about it? Its not worth talking about.

    Because there are so many complaints I want YOU to post a list of weapons you consider balanced:

    • all weapons in your list should have the same average strength (they might perform different under special conditions)
    • weapons should compete with each other (so no Crossbow and Billhook in the same list please)
    • each weapon put in the list should be of equal viability (the list might consist of op/up weapons as long as each one is equally op/up)

    In short:
    If there was only one class and only your list of weapons the game would be perfectly balanced (in your opinion).

    In my opinion the small axes are balanced. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some situations or playstyles might favor one or the other but in average they perform equally (as far as I have seen). The Flanged Mace does just as well being a more specialized pick. Stronger against knights weaker against everything else but on average just as good.

    So my list is:
    -War Axe
    -Dane Axe
    -Flanged Mace

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