Why are MaA and Archer same speed?

  • I was looking at the spreadsheet of Martin and I noticed near the bottom that the Archer and the MaA have the same walking and sprinting speed, even though the game’s class selection says the archer has “medium” speed (like the VG) and the MaA has “High” speed. The archer’s speed should be lowered to “medium” or the class selection should be switched to saying “high” speed.

    Spreadsheet of Martin: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ami8d_HZmYHsdDRzc1Byb3ItVWNXSFR1SURHN29TZnc#gid=1

    Scroll down past the weapons to get to the movement speeds.

  • The class selection screen should probably say “Mobility” instead of “Speed”. The Vanguard is slightly less mobile than the archer - lower forward speed and somewhat lower back speed but a slight advantage in strafe speed, but at the same time they have the sprint attack which provides some initial combat mobility the archer can’t match.

    Obviously the MaA is vastly more mobile than the other classes with dodge and superior back/strafe speeds despite being the same “speed” as the archer.

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