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  • Hey guys,

    Browsed the forums for some time, but took it upon myself to join and make this topic. I just wanted to let some of you know that I’m a gameplay commentator and that my channel will being showing a lot of this game as soon as possible. Not entirely sure however if there will be an NDA for the Beta starting up soon, or if I’ll be able to post videos and talk about the game. My channel has been around since the summer of 2010 so I’m not new to this at all; I’ve had sponsors and such.

    The help I am asking for is for any people on the forums that are talented able to create a youtube background featuring Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Similar to the one I have now, but made so it fits with the new youtube layout, since the one I have now of Battlefield 3 hasn’t changed since the older (better) layout.

    Regardless I’m looking forward to bringing you content of this game… tons of it… hopefully. :P

    Oh, and my youtube channel -

  • The beta will begin the day after the Kickstarter ends and I believe the Devs have granted us permission to release as much footage of the game as we want.
    Quoting Steve(Lead Dev) from the Kickstarter page: “In the Beta you will be free to release media on youtube and such as you please.”
    As for the background I don’t have the skills to make something worthy of this game but I’m sure there are other people who can.

    Appreciate the effort you’re doing to make this game more known!

  • Indeed, the NDA will be lifted on September 16th.

  • @b3h47pte:

    Indeed, the NDA will be lifted on September 16th.

    A very wise move, one which the team will be sure to reap the benfits of :)

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