Some ideas and suggestions for the Ideas and Suggestions

  • 0. Brief design
    I suggest to reorganize the ‘Ideas and Suggestions’ section by creating a special topic where all of the suggestions would be listed and sorted by these categories: 1) Already implied in the game 2) Approved by developing team and will be implied soon 3) Approved but postponed to some reason (with justification) 4) Dismissed by developing team, also with justification given 5) Temporary unsorted suggestions, so it will be very easy to understand that something was already suggested.
    The list must contain the subjects, that are hyperlinks to the topics.

    I also suggest to imply special ‘Pro’ and ‘Contra’ buttons in the list and after the text of the first post in each topic here and write a special sample, a plan for suggestion writers.

    1. Hello, Chivalry developing team. I’m glad to write this, an mainly glad or even proud of the fact that you will read this letter and hundreds of others instead of ignoring them, that gives the huge willpower. Tis my first day as a member of this forum, tis my first week as a Chivalry player, so I’m not ready yet to suggest something for gameplay, even though I’m very good in medieval ages history and fencing, no matter I play Mount&Blade for three and half years, because I don’t want to be the thousandth who suggested the same thing. When I read some topics and wanted to suggest something I saw, that there’s no way to do it because of no list; some authors don’t make the poll, so you must write a comment to evaluate it.

    2. My suggestion touches the ‘Ideas and Suggestions’ forum section, cause I consider it to be badly organized, at least not as well as possible. Topics are not sorted, so you can’t work with them and understand if something was already introduced or dismissed, so it’s worth doing to sort the suggestions in this order or something like it:

    1. Ideas and suggestions already implied in the game. This paragraph makes you understand the usefulness of writing a suggestion
    2. Approved by the developing team and will be implied in the game soon - with some approximate dates
    3. Approved but postponed to some reason – reasoning should be given – there should be clearly written how much time should we wait and why. Sometimes it’s better to know that you must wait for one year than think it’ll be introduced in half a year and get disappointed
    4. Ideas and suggestions that were dismissed and will be never introduced to Chivalry, also with reasoning, it needs much more reasoning than the previous paragraph
    5. Temporary unsorted suggestions – after being posted on the forum in ‘Ideas and Suggestions’ section every topic moves here

    List must contain subjects of topics and be hyperlinks, in each group topics should be sorted and marked by the date of the first post.

    Then, some new functions are needed directly in the topic. In addition to the standard optional poll there must be made another one with just two variants, huge buttons ‘Pro’ and ‘Contra’. Same buttons must be put near the hyperlink subjects in the lists, or, probably just be in every topic.

    There should be also introduced a standard plan of writing a suggestion. I’ll try to create it or at least give some example of what do I want. My suggestion is written by his plan.

    0. Brief design. Briefly describe your suggestion in 125 (?) words or less. It must give a clear understanding of what do you suggest and what for. You write it AFTER writing everything else, that’s why the number is zero.
    1. Introduction. Here you can say ‘Hello’, ‘Hallo’, ‘Salut’, ‘???’ etc. You can put reasons due to which you are writing the post in more detailed way, for example
    2. Main part. Here you describe everything as detailed as you want. It’s for everything.
    In your suggestion you must cover this: why are you writing, what do you want and how do you want it.

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