Increase latency issues and less tight after patch

  • I’ve been testing out the patch now for a couple of days and initially i liked a few of the balance changes, however there seems so have been some really fundamental changes to the core. I’m not sure if its just me but my honest experience says that the game is a lot less tight after the patch and you’ve a lot more lag and trouble with hit detection. Its not necessarily a ping related issue but something has drastically changed with the game, a ton more occasions were people hit you without animations playing and without successful blocks and engagements.

    I’m also experiencing a speedup that looks unnatural, the characters going of into one direction to pretend goin the other way then changing direction to attack you, now that is nothing new i do it myself but people gain like 8-10 meters in a matter of a second now even for the heavier units.
    Unit speed increase? Looks and plays very unnatural to me compared to before.

    I’m saying this as someone who spend about 110h in Chivalry before the patch and loved every moment of it despite the minor issue that were around. If i am alone and feel this then well, sucks :( but i hope its not just me and that its things that will eventually be fixed again so the game can return to its utter glory that was before the patch.

    All kudos to Torn for the actual content added but the stability/core seems to have taken a hit.

  • yeah im getting a stutter on all servers. It isnt bad, but it breaks my run-straff motion. Makes me stutter between running straight and angled, if you follow what i mean. annoying to the eye, makes me dizzy

  • I put it down to lag, hence the poll I made


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