Blunt Weapon Swings

  • As someone who did real Medival Meleecombat for a long period of time im very interested in Chivalry. The feeling it creates is realy close to a real combat situation.

    Most mechanics work aut very well, but i have a problem with how blunt weapons are treated dmgwise. In reality it is very important that one, in order to deal maximum dmg with it, swings it up and gets maximal acceleration on it to the moment the weapon hits. If the hit happens to early, the mace or hammer might be too slow to deal serious dmg. If the weapon hits to late during the swing its speed has allready dropped and the hit wont be very effective neither.
    In the game it seems absolutly irrelevant at which step (or point) of the swing the weapon hits, so the Warhammer can be relativly fast weapon in the game as i can draw the swing towards the opponent so it hits just after the swing started which is not very realistic.
    The “course” of a swing should be seperated into segments connected to different dmg-monifiers so the swung wepon deals only full dmg at the half way of the total swing.

    I hope you coud understand my point as im no native speaker/writer

  • While the current state might not be realistic, it can’t be changed really. If the game will change as you suggested, blunt weapons will require much more skill than any other weapon and swing manipulation will be twice as difficult.
    I understand that you feel it’s not realistic, but niether does your proposed change, gameplay-wise.

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