Crossbow & Pavise Loadout Bug

  • When I select heavy crossbow, cudgel, and pavise I spawn with the default loadout of longbow and dagger.

  • Can you make a youtube video showing this please?


  • Its in duel mode. I don’t think a video is necessary.

  • @Genocide:

    Its in duel mode. I don’t think a video is necessary.

    Wrong, I actually tried this on all game modes to make sure. Any loadout involving the pavise shield is what causes it to switch to the default bow and dagger loadout. Once again: In any game mode, with any loadout involving a pavise shield will switch you back to the default archer class. This is confirmed.

  • Also reported here: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=9828

    It’s kind of silly asking for a video of such a glaring and obvious and easily reproduced bug, but if you say so…


  • confirmed its hapening alot on my server too

  • Seems switching to spectate and then immediately changing teams will spawn you as your previous team with default archer loadout, regardless of class. Would explain why it happens more in duel mode, since you switch teams every round and often end up spectating very briefly. Thanks for the report.

  • I can confirm this, however it will allow you to use the crossbow if you select “ammo” instead of the pavise shield. So the problem is definitely with the pavise shield.

  • Happens a lot in FFA too. For me it seems that it occurs mostly on the open plain map… but that’s probably just a coincidence. Most likely it’s something to do with the pavise shield as already mentioned, selecting extra ammo will allow it to work again.

  • Same bug happens to me all the time with crossbows, too.

  • Today is the 28/6/2014. This BUG is still there!
    Fucked up my first objective. Testing in map editor i could change my archer weapons/loadout via kismet. Playing my map in game it changed to standard loadout.

    • I play in editor = it works
    • I play local (“open mymap”) = it works
    • I play on my dedicated server = broken! WHY?

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