So this happened.

  • I played this game a LOT over the free weekend and had a blast. That Monday I decided I was going to buy it before the sale ended. I got up bright and early and went out and bought a prepaid master card. I got home and tried to buy the game but it wasn’t accepting my card. I called the 800 number on the back and EVERY time I selected the prompt to talk to someone it just disconnected me. So long story short, I missed the sale and that makes me sad, as i’m literally to poor to buy it for 25 dollars. I shouldn’t have even got it for 12.50 but it was just too damn fun.

    So yeah, boo…I hope it goes on sale again soon.

  • It likely will be on sale again. However this game is certainly worth it, even at full price. :)

    Amazon and some other retailers are selling boxed versions pretty cheap btw.

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