Armour, weapons, we need it all!

  • Greetings brothers! I have made it to the commanders tent to add suggestions that might alter the outcome of the war!

    My name is Ulven, wich in my native tounge means “the Wolf” and I am the commander of a company of mercenaries that soon is might to be revealed.
    As such, I feel the lack of several weapons, armors and other things to equip my band of warriors with.
    The list goes as follows:

    I. Weaponry: the Swordstaff, escentially a spear with a sword on the end, much like the naginata of our Eastern counterparts. Search for it in the field of Google and thou shall find. My men would like to hack and cleave through the lines of our enemies whilst still be able to have a shot at thrusting it into the hearts of our foes! The sheer mental effect of wielding such a terrifying weapon is almost good enough! It would be an even greater asset if we were allowed to have the option of combining this with a Tower Shield or a Round Shield, I am meerly stating this My’lords…

    II. Armour: My lad’s wont be able to fight with proper armour! Different warriors have different needs, size, taste, comfort, all this plays a large role in success in the field! Enable us to choose different types of armour to suit our needs!

    III. Field of Battle: My’lords! I urge for the need to claim Helm’s Deep! The effect on the minds of men would be greatly affected if we ought to hold it! I would ask of you to send us there!
    In any case, I find that any Fort is worth fighting for. Also, the Mountain Passes to the north seems like a good area of operations, the sole thought of the blood staining the white, snow-covered ground makes me’ heart strong and my resolve true!

    Thank you for your time My’lords, I most certainly hope that you take these issiues into account for the next Wave of Reinforcements and Resupply.
    Feel free to adress me at any given time and to add suggestions to this as the war continues!

    “Duty above All!”

    Yours humble,

  • Armors -faceplam- its just armor no “s”. You don’t say sheeps.

    But I completely agree with you.

  • I like the weaponry idea, as I always love new weapons.

    Afraid I can’t get behind the others, though.

  • I could get behind the Man-at-Arms bikini briefs armor.

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    I could get behind the Man-at-Arms bikini briefs armor.

    This is with female models… right? :?

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