Dual Mode Improvement Suggestion: Ping info

  • Thank you guys for creating a fantastic duel mode with a variety of maps. Way more work than anyone expected.

    Please add in a Menu/Tab display to show players’ pings. Running into laggy players takes out a large amount of skill of the game and increases the luck factor.
    The Ping display will allow us to recognize who is lagging and then allow a democratic vote. Will even help me identify if it is maybe even myself whom is lagging!

    Having a laggy Vanguard jump into the server swinging a big pole-arm on sprint is not fun. Especially when I main MAA and take a teleporting 1-shot with-out seeing completed animations.

    Also note the competitive nature of Duel mode and Global tracking. I had a 35-0 perfect duel run until I ran into a laggy duel. Please keep up the high standard and integrity of Duels and the Fighting Mechanics of the game by rectifying this issue.

    Yours sincerely,

  • I agree. Ping’s should be shown. People with higher ping do strange things and knowing they have a high ping at least gives you that tiny heads up.

    The UI seems a unfinished, so I hope they continue to work on it.

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