Higher gameplay contrast

  • TL;DR:

    Some weapons should have notably worse stats than others in their tree, and should make up for it with tool-belt abilities that offer greater gameplay depth.

    random examples I came up with on the spot:_

    Billhook -> if blocked, the billhook still deals a small amount of damage to the defender

    Bardiche -> chance to destroy shields

    Double-bitted axe -> small chance to 1-hit-kill, chance to destroy shields, stats remain super shitty

    Light flail -> can be continuously spun for a short time, drains stamina

    Maul -> stab knocks the enemy back (kick effect but can be used as a riposte)

    Spear tree -> 100% chance to disrupt any enemy (mid-swing or not)

    Polehammer -> mb1 can slightly knock around enemies to screw up footwork_
    Weapons that are obviously better choices (see halberd) can stay the way they are with this approach. In return, they would contain no flavor.**

    If you are still against the idea, click the spoiler to see a comparison to MTG
    and if you hate Magic the Gathering, go play spoils or yugioh by yourself in the corner lol

    ! The difference would be akin to creature cards with and without effects. Some creatures have high attack and defense with no effects while others have utility in return for low base stats.
    ! brute force
    ! control

  • Another take on higher gameplay contrast could be for some stabs/slashes/overheads to have abilities. A complete tool-kit weapon would be really weak while offering different mechanics for each type of attack.

  • Im against any kind of “chance”, "effect, “slightly” kind of features. Where is the skill there? All I see is a luck based system. Also, no weapon should be better than the others (obviously speaking about similar weapons) there would be no balance.

  • The basic idea: I like it! A weapon that’s maybe a little worse but does a bit of damage even when blocked would be interesting - it’s the trade off between power and reliability. (For example, kicking does a tiny amount of damage but you can’t parry it)

    Some of the specifics: Oh no, randomness! Noooooooo (etc) I already love everything about this game with the single exception of how feints are currently implemented, as there are occasions (not all the time) when it’s literally impossible to tell the difference between a real strike a feint, bringing it down to almost pure chance. MORE chance would NOT be good!

    But yeah, I like the idea. Before the patch came out, I expected that the flail would be extra hard to block, but have no ability to block itself. (but you’re stuck with a shield, so never mind)

    I’m not sure I’d even use such “trade off” items, but as long as the bonuses were small enough that they would never be the norm, it could add some variety. (As slings do for archers)

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