The Sling

  • It’s no secret the current sling balance is… weak. It’s very weak, clunky, and the only redeeming quality is infinite ammo (pebble ammo) and the fact you can sprint while having it ready… Don’t get me wrong, I love this weapon (not as much as maul, but whatever), I would just like to see it be more effective.

    I know this weapon is not meant to be a powerful weapon, but holy cow!

    I’d love to hear some ideas about how to possibly make this a more viable weapon…

  • Hmmm… Perhaps a slight damage buff? (I haven’t actually played since the patch, so I dunno what the damage is right now)

  • Looking at the spreadsheet, the damage really isn’t that terrible. A fully charged lead ball hits as hard as a shortbow, and thanks to the blunt damage type you can actually kill a knight in two headshots. Now that’d be something impressive to pull off.

    I think the sub-par damage is well balanced with the controllable fire rate, good accuracy and range, extra mobility and interesting ammo options. Pebbles for rapidfire harassment and chip damage, lead balls to make every shot count and actually kill people. Pretty cool weapon overall and I think it’s more fun for others to fight against too because it’s less of a gamble to approach sling users. Regular archers kill you in one or two shots or do no damage at all while against slings you’re likely to take a hit or two but have a chance to kill them once you close the distance.

  • Reducing the lag between releasing M1 and the shot actually coming out would do wonders for the Sling. Or perhaps allow a little more charging.

  • What if sling projectiles could penetrate shields and hit for a fraction of the original damage? Not completely unrealistic because the smaller, shaftless projectiles would be more likely to pass through a wooden shield than an arrow, and it’d give them a unique purpose.

  • I only use the sling to weaken my opponents and finish them with my cudgel. in the few hours i played with it, i must have killed a third (and they were all low hp :p) of what i killed with the cudgel.
    i find it hard to get used to the projectile speed since you can’t see them most of the time (except if you’re sniping).

    Im also having a bug where after my first shot, i won’t be able to charge the sling most of the time, it will just release, even if i let the lmb pushed.

  • It would help if all projectiles weren’t bugged with perfect accuracy, making the sling with its perfect accuracy (according to the reticle anyway) while sprinting have a unique strength. Increasing the minimum damage, buffing the charge mechanic in some way whether it be through charging speed or potential, or buffing the firing rate could help.

  • the one thing i like about the sling, hypothetically, is should there ever be servers restricting weapon or class types: it would give a cool reason to allow archers on a no bow server. like a rogue type

    …but i think its spinning animation should be a little better before its let to become the new warbow hehe

  • I acutally have a grip with the bullet animation.

    While dueling, twice I got the blur and sound of a pebble/bullet wizzing past me then took damage.

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