KickStarter Goal Reached!

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    Every one of us here at Torn Banner Studios is so grateful and excited to see this level of support from the community and we cannot wait to get this game into your hands! To celebrate the success of our Kickstarter we wanted to announce that we are doing a Q&A Video, taking your questions over the next 3 days and answering them in video format as an update.

    We owe you guys a lot and we want to be as honest and open with you as possible since you have invested in us and believed in us in a way that is truly touching. Please ask us any questions you have either in the comments on Kickstarter by replying to this post! Please have your questions in by the end of Friday, September 7th.

    Thank you for helping us work towards our dream.

    Stretch Goals

    We’d also like to take some time to announce our Stretch Goals, with 10 days left to go we are excited to see how far we can expand the game with your help! Please be aware that because we are in the finishing stages of Chivalry these stretch goals if reached might not be instantly available at launch (as they represent a lot of work!) but we will do our best to get them to you as soon as possible!

  • More weapons would be nice! You can never have enough steel!

    A castle maker with SDK would be interesting, but I don’t think there is even the slightest chance that your going to get another 50000$ in 10 days… or is there? We’ll see. It’s good to see that you have some stretch goals planned out.

  • Once again, congratulations guys, awesome job :D

    Hopefully there will be much gameplay footage used to answer our questions, rather than you guys just answering them audibly.

    Gameplay footage will most likely help boost the sales too :P

  • In warband an interesting feature is Chamber Blocking. CB happens when you ready for a hit by chambering your weapon, and while you’re raising it, someone strikes you exactly against that weapon. The outcome is you block the hit without using the block, but by chambering the weapon at the right time in the right direction. It’s very hard to do intentionally, but I’d love to see it in Chivalry.

    Also, 100+ player MP :P

  • Developer

    And yes before 500 people ask me, “New Weapons” will include the flail among several others!

  • you guys deserve it, true insperation.

    EDIT: I would love to see a LMS “Last man standing” game mode or “battlegrounds” as warband would put it. makes killing somone even more precious and bloodpunpimg.

    Have you put any thought to that?(realizing it would create new map objectives, if any)


  • I wanna ask :
    1 There are in game more than one death animation after fatal hits with bow or other weapons ?
    2 We will be able to pick weapons from the ground in future patches ?
    thank you.

  • So here are some questions.

    Will there be Horses at any point in the games history? (maybe by DLC?)
    Are there gonna be free content updates or are you planning on selling most new stuff through DLC?
    How fast after release can we hope for Mod tools/Map makers?
    What kind of anti cheat system are you planning on using?
    Are there gonna be Bots?
    Are there gonna be steam achievements?

    Thats about all i can come up now.
    Also congratz on the achievement :)
    Im looking forward to playing this hopefully great game :))

  • Hey, you could always put in another kickstarter to get a mac version?

  • First of all, I love the game it is very very well made for being such an ambitious indie game. The fact that a handful of modders have made a game that can challenge such mainstream titles like COD in terms of graphics and gameplay not only shames major developers but puts you guys on a pedestal with these million dollar companies who despite their money cannot seem to pump out games that can quite match yours.

    Now to my questions:

    Lets say you guys have a Chivalry II in mind for the future will you guys consider a single player campaign? I know that would be difficult to do for the style of game this is, but has it been considered and if so what games have you guys looked to for inspiration?

    Can you guys possibly expand the lore and history of the world of Chivalry to better aid modders you might have aims to expanding the game or adding other modes?

  • I wanna ask you guys:
    all these stretch goals you’ve made, will these come out later on, if the pledge doesnt get to the goal?
    cuz i think it would be sad to leave duel mode out of the game, or more weapons etc.

    again, congratz ! :D :D

  • Is there a customization system? Different helmets, armours, etc?

    Thanks for your answer and congrats again !!!

  • If you don’t reach the 125 000 dollar goal, does that mean there won’t be any Castle Creator or just that it will be delayed more?

    Same question for all the other goals (mac version, duel mode…).

  • Will you guys consider implementing a commander mode a bit similar to natural selection 2? Since Medieval Warfare was also a lot about the leaders and their strategic decisions (formations…).

    On the same topic, will you guys make formations easy to make amongst your team? For example adding a feature that encourage and guide player to make a certain formation (shield wall…) in certain places?

  • …Congratulations guys…!
    …I never doubted that you would have reach the goal…-_^


  • Oh sweet i get to ask some questions, legit questions.

    Ok here we go

    1. In CMW , we’re we are going do we need roads?

    2. Will there be an option for Peace mode where we can just all get along?

    3. What are your personal thoughts of where you started to where you are now with this project?

    4. At the end of a match will the winner team be able to cmd /jig over the dead?

    5. How much of the funds raised will go to the after party? or how much will be left from the after party?

    6. Is there a future thought of CMW Big game hunter?

    7. Will there be Hats?

    8. Is there a limit to the questions?

    9. On the battlefield will we be friends?

    10. Agatha or Mason?

  • Any chance for server togglable:

    • Bandages
    • Potions
    • Or even Magery
      as future DLC or expansion?

  • Questions:

    Could you explain in more detail how the mouse controls work? In the description it says full real time control of your swings and blocking. Is it similar to Mount & Blade where you specify the direction? If so does it have dynamic animations or locked down to pre-set directions (like the 4 directions in M&B)?

    On the blocking side do you have to move your mouse in the correct incoming direction to successfully block or do you simply have to have your block up?

  • Wow. Lots and lots of questions here. :|

  • I knew you guys would, this game is just too much bad-assery to not support.

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