Auto balance is broken

  • Auto balance doesn’t work… fix it. Your patch broke it. There is no point to the new content if teams are 6 against 19. It’s not worth it putting new content if you break the basics.

  • Did you know: Auto-balance is regulated by individual servers, not the game as a whole?


  • Aren’t “Official Servers”… official? On most of all, it’s broken and not working.

  • It does seem to take a while to kick in imo, especially considering the short total time of an objective or KOTH map.

  • +1 to this thread…every single map i played today was horrifically unbalanced, with plenty of people acknowledging that they hit random, it seems to just dump them into a single team one-after-another

    even if the actual autobalancing is up to the server, there should still be something preventing new players from joining a majority team, “Too many players on that team already” etc

  • It seems there are a few official servers where autobalance isn’t enabled. Should be fixed soon, I don’t handle the servers though so I can’t say exactly when.

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