Unsporting Behavior

  • I’m not a terribly competitive player, mostly for my enjoyment, and generally am mellow and amicable to those I’m playing with. Today I encountered two events which I would say “rustled my jimmies” quite a bit. Both of these occurred on duel servers.

    The fist instance happened on an unofficial server. I joined in and had a few matches with mixed results. The pool matched me up with the leader (who was 9 and 0) and I was quite on guard and prepared to get beaten soundly. Surprisingly, I managed to defeat the individual by a hair in the first round. My confidence was still low as I chalked it up to a fluke. It was then that the chatbox showed my opponent had logged in as an administrator. “Huh?” I thought, “guess he runs the server.” And just as I was about to thank him for hosting and ask him if he was a fellow Chicagoan (as the server was one of the Chicago area servers) I was kicked citing no reason.

    It occurred to me that this must be why the individual was 9-0 and illustrates a potential problem that could come about by those with admin status wishing to buff their permanent duel stats. All it requires is using said status to kick anyone who wins a round against you, securing your undefeated position. This is a shady problem and no real way to fix it. I wish I remembered the exact server (aside from the fact it was a Chicago-area one) so that I could warn others to stay away.

    A different kind of incident took place shortly after. Simply: a case of speed hacking. I’m not one to make accusations of hacking or exploiting when defeated. I know there are some legitimately terrific players out there and give people the benefit of the doubt 99% of the time. I don’t think I have ever really witnessed hacking or exploiting more than once or twice in my 3 months playing, usually just people with awful pings hitting me from odd positions/distances, but hey, technical issues and bugs happen. No biggie.

    That said, despite claims that this recent update would better prevent hacking seem to be for nil, as on an official duel server (with a ping displayed as about 40~ on the server list, since nobody can check in duel mode…) I witnessed definite speed hacking (as I have seen some videos of what it looks like, I was able to recognize how it appears). An individual (playing as a knight) would “blink” about the arena at an incredible rate and stand there allowing me to swing at him then swiftly “blink” away. This coupled with the fact that the individual was jeering at me and the server at large the whole time in the chatbox, makes it doubly certain that this was an intentional act and not an issue of bad ping or lag.

    I really hope that there will be a continual effort to prevent hacking such as this.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to write so much so…

    tl;dr - Those who cheat, suck.

  • man I hate those rage-kicking kids who can’t accept defeat in a video games, but there isnt much we can do about them if it’s their server… all we can do is remember his name, and avoid them like plague

    but for the hacker, **********************************************************************************************
    the problem with hacker, is that they always have the first move, and then the dev must figure out how to fix it, which I doubt is that easy to do (but I could be wrong, afterall I have basically no knowledge in programming)

  • That type of behavior is exactly why I avoid any server with the word “ranked” in the name. Consistent stats encourage people to be jerks who otherwise wouldn’t have a reason to be jerks, as it comes down to just a number instead of what that number is meant to represent.

    If the “permanent record” was visible only to you, it might discourage such jerk behavior. Alternatively if it only showed, for example, your most recent 500 duels, it would get rid of the “permanent record” aspect, and maybe make some people less worried about losing duels. (for those who care about the overall ratio going back all the way to when they were a noob)

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